Welcome to the Heart Wood website.
Here you will find all sorts of wooden gifts handmade with love in Liz’s shed.

The clue is in the name. I have always loved making things and find wood particularly satisfying to work with. I fell in love with woodturning in 2008. I started Heart Wood to share my love of turned wood and handmade things.
By handmade I mean everything is done by me and my fair hands. I source my wood locally, it’s either recycled or comes from my own and other local gardens.
I also engrave your pieces myself so I’m afraid you don’t get a choice of fonts you get my handwriting.
My aim with all my pieces is to create something simply beautiful. My hope is that in using them you will feel the love I put into making them.
Although I start with a design in mind no two items turn out exactly the same. The way I move as I turn, the wood itself and how it dries makes each piece unique.