Welcome to Love HeartWood

If you’re looking for a unique, wooden gift for a special occasion you’re in the right place. Love HeartWood’s shop has a range of truly memorable presents designed to make someone’s day.

Love HeartWood gifts are handcrafted by Liz Pearson on her wood turning lathe. Contemporary design fuses with traditional craftsmanship creating a gift they can treasure forever.

Sustainability and Eco-friendliness run though every aspect of production so that you can feel good about the gift you’re giving and they can feel good about it too.

Make it Personal

A name, initials or even a short message can be hand written on your gift.

We’ve got it all Wrapped Up

Your gift is beautifully presented in an Eco-friendly presentation box or bag. It can be shipped directly to the recipient along with a hand written message from you.

If you’re ready to find that ideal gift head over to the shop now.

Want to know more about Love HeartWood’s story and ethics? Head to the about page.

Interested in the process of turning or want to learn more about sustainability? Check out the blog.